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An epic game with
a certified superhero!

Play the role of a superhero and save the day! The hit mobile game is now available to play on PC!

There are a lot of crimes in the city and the people need a true hero to defend them! In this epic game, you can be a certified superhero. As a real avenger, you will fight future robots and avenge the local citizens with your powers!

Eye lasers, superhero cloak, levitation and more!

As a superhero, you have the full arsenal of special abilities and superpowers to fight the villains! Fly over the city to find and fight crime.

Train your champion to fight local gangs and upgrade your skills to be able to defeat angry and deadly armored robots.

Prove your enemies that you are a true and unstoppable superhero and no bullet or missile can get you down.

You can also join the Tribunal Squad, a league of super humans who guard justice and win against your enemies together!

Be the hero today!